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Weld-On R-Joint XL w/ 9/16″ I.D & 2-5/8″ Width

Weld-On R-Joint XL w/ 9/16″ I.D & 2-5/8″ Width

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Weld-on R-Joint XL.  Includes spacers to create 9/16″ I.D. and 2-5/8″ width.  Other bolt sizes and width’s also available.  


R-Joint is a revolutionary spherical bearings design that provides low friction, full range articulation, long service life, lateral stability and quiet operation. 

— Articulates in 3 planes 360 degree axial rotation and 50 degrees of total lateral rotation. 
— Weld-on carbon steel body
— Polished stainless ball and RTX10 composite cage provides consistent low friction movement.
— Special RTX10 composite cage needs NO lubrication.
— Self cleaning design…movement not affected by ANY water, grit, dirt, or debris.
— Spring loaded closure keeps mechanism tight and rattle free for LIFE!

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