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Triangulated 4-Link

Triangulated 4-Link

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Axle Size

This 4-Link is HUGE!! We use 1.5" DOM tube with a 1/4" wall thickness in all of our adjustable bars. The thread size of our bar ends is a whopping 1-1/8" in diameter. Our threads alone are larger than some company's 4-Link bars. We are redefining the way 4-Links need to be made. The axle brackets included in the kit are 1/4" thick and CNC cut. 9/16" Grade 8 zinc plated bolts, nylon lock nuts, and washers are included.

You can order this over the internet, but you will need to call in to let us know what sizes you want your bars to be. Please call 855-618-6090 to give us your specs.

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