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ThorBros VXD8 Black Air Manifold

ThorBros VXD8 Black Air Manifold

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Gauge Port Location

This is a pre-order only. $50.00 deposit required to hold your spot. When your manifold is ready, we will call you for the remaining balance. Shipping will be free if you pre-order.

Manifold with NO solenoids: $349.99
Manifold with solenoids: $549.99

Why do we offer it with no solenoids? Because, if you are running brass SMC valves with the white top solenoids, you can transfer your old solenoids to the new manifold, saving you money. They are super easy to install.

Gauge Port Location. We give you the option to have your gauge ports on the bottom, or the backside of the manifold to help make your install as clean as possible. If you choose not to use the ports, simply plug them with a fitting.

This 4 corner, 8 valve manifold is our latest design. Specifically designed around the famous, SMC VXD solenoid, which is known to be bulletproof and last a lifetime. We manufacture these in house to assure you that every manifold is perfect. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, and the details are clearly seen in this work of art.

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