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SMC Solenoid Conversion Manifold w/ Gauge & PSI Switch Ports

SMC Solenoid Conversion Manifold w/ Gauge & PSI Switch Ports

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We have created a new manifold for you SMC junkies out there!! If you are currently running BRASS SMC valves with the 4 screw white top solenoids this new manifold may just be what you’re looking for!! SMC BRASS valves are great!! But if you’re looking to condense your setup and slow it down because it’s too fast, this is the ticket! You can take this manifold block, and mount your solenoids directly to it, and set the brass leftover bodies aside. You cannot beat the last forever quality of a SMC solenoid and the ease of serviceability in a design such as this.

If you are using your own solenoids, they must be the 4 screw white top version.

Comes in anodized black.

1/4" NPT port size.

Manifold has 2 pressure inlets. One on each end of the manifold.

Manifold has 6, 1/8" NPT ports on the top. 5 for gauge fittings or Dakota Digital 1" OD sensors, and one for your pressure switch.

How does it mount down?
The manifold has 2 threaded 1/4"-20 holes on the bottom which the supplied threaded studs screw into.

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