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Billet Multi-Port Fast Valve Manifold (8 Valve)

Billet Multi-Port Fast Valve Manifold (8 Valve)

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Pressure Switch Port Option

Finally there is an awesome option to house your 3/8" or 1/2" Brass Valves. No more hanging them from the tank (ghetto) or zip tie'n them to whatever is convenient.

We are offering a CNC machined manifold made from 6061 Extruded Aluminum. The specs feature the following....

3/8" NPT Ports to mount your valves.1/8" NPT Ports to run line to your gauges.
1/8" NPT Port to mount your pressure switch. (optional)
3/8" NPT Ports to run lines to your air bags.
1/8" NPT Port to provide pressure to your tank gauge & pressure switch. (optional)
Holes to mount the Manifold Block.

Built in ground holes provide a nice, clean way to eliminate a ground harness.

Hidden manifold ground located on the bottom side so that it is not seen.

Built in riser base keeps valve bodies from touching the surface to which the manifold is mounted.

Note: Assembly required.

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