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Vintage Blacktop SMC 3/8" Manifold

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Only 15 being made. Don't miss out!!

Delivery in June 2022.

This manifold is specifically designed to be used with the vintage SMC black top 3/8" valves.

If you love the speed of your 8, 3/8" valves DO NOT buy this manifold!!! This manifold uses only 2 supply lines from your tank unlike the 4 you are using now. This means less volume supplied to the valves. We have also choked down the inner flow orifice to make the lift and dump speed more comfortable, but still over TWICE as fast as all other manifolds on the market.

This manifold will be machined in May, anodized in June, and should be delivered in June 2022.

Includes 9 wire cord connected to the wire hider riser base.