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Billet Multi-Port Manifold for SMC 3/8 Air Valves

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Finally there is an awesome option to house your 8, SMC 3/8" Brass Valves. No more hanging them from the tank (ghetto) or zip tie'n them to whatever is convenient.

We are offering a CNC machined manifold made from 6061 Extruded Aluminum. The specs are 10.25" X 2.5" X 2" and features the following....

8, 3/8" NPT Ports to mount your valves.
5, 1/8" NPT Ports to run line to your gauges.
1, 1/8" NPT Port to mount your pressure switch.
4, 3/8" NPT Ports to run lines to your air bags.
1, 1/8" NPT Port to provide pressure to your Tank Gauge & Pressure Switch.
2, Holes to mount the Manifold Block.

Built in riser base keeps valve bodies from touching the surface to which the manifold is mounted.

Note: Assembly required.