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How to commit suicide

The first mod in the how-to section that I'm going to show you is my version of how to swing them doors in reverse mode. SUICIDE! Please do not be afraid to perform this little modification as it is definitely worth the time and effort. What you will have in the end is a ride that most car and truck enthusiasts only dream about, not to mention that your hot little girlie friends get wet over. Just make sure that she sits on a towel the first few times she rides with you, because what you will have is a puddle of love soaked into your fine passenger seat interior. God Bless the Hot Chicks! The first thing when starting this task is to leave the stock hinges in place. Don't remove the door yet. You will need to keep the door swinging to get your exact location of the new door pockets that accept the new hinges. By doing it this way takes a lot of aggravation and guesswork out of the job. It's important that you find a good location to mount the new hinges that won't interfere with the window tracks or any moving parts inside the door.