Pre-Order Thorbecke Brothers S10 Upper Control Arms Black

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This is a pre-order deposit only for the year 2021 batch of arms. The price of the upper control arm set is $650.00 which includes billet cross shafts, powdercoating, and shipping. The $50.00 deposit will be deducted from the final amount due, leaving you with a balance of $600.00 when your arms are ready to ship.


These new S10 Control Arms offered by the Thorbecke Brothers are unlike any others on the market. The high quality craftsmanship that goes into each arm is clearly seen in the finished product. Over a year of research and design has been put into the finest arms money can buy.

These upper arms are CNC bent for perfect consistency and are made from 1.25” diameter DOM tubing with a 1/4” wall thickness. The ball joint plate is CNC Laser cut from high quality 5/16” thick P&O plate which houses Proforged Ball Joints. Proforged manufactures one of the highest quality ball joints on the market which only makes them a perfect match for these control arms.

What would an awesome set of arms be without a cross shaft to match? Included with the arm set is a pair of heavy duty CNC machined, oversized shafts that feature an ingeniously designed shaft locking system. What does this mean? This means that the problem of the shaft/bushing hardware coming loose has finally been resolved. The shaft bolt will never come loose or back out due to the up and down motion of the control arm. This is just one of the features that separate these control arms from the others.

Lays frame on 22" wheels!!