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P-47-P51 63-87 Full Size Chevy Raised Crossmember Kit


The P-51 Crossmember kit is a direct bolt in replacement that was designed to fit 63-87 Chevy Trucks. Not only does it look badass, it narrows your track width a total of 2.25 inches and raises your front suspension 3 inches. This means there is no more reason to “Z” the frame rails in order to lay out flat. Besides, doing a “Z” is extremely involved, very time consuming and unsafe if not performed properly. Not to mention all of the modifications that have to be made when performing a “Z”.

When upgrading your front suspension by using our crossmember, you will ditch all the factory steering components and upgrade to a more responsive and attractive 79-93 Mustang Rack and Pinion. Both manual and power racks can be used. Installing a weld in steering linkage clearance notch is necessary. (This notch is included with this kit). Also, included with this kit are Stainless Steel tie rod connectors and Heavy Duty Teflon Chromoly Heim Joints with Stainless Steel misalignment spacers. These will attach your Rack and Pinion to the spindle.

This Combo Kit also includes Thorbecke Brothers Arms of Mass Construction, which are some of highest quality Control Arms on the market.