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About Us

Back in late February of 2002 I was talking to Mike Finnegan over at Mini Truckin Magazine about doing a suicide door how to in a tech section. He told me, "Sure, put it together and let me check it out". Right there was the birth of I had ordered a suicide hinge kit from a rod shop in NC that was unbelievably super duper quality. They had been offering this hinge kit for about 7 years, so they have had plenty of time to work out all the bugs. I give mad props to these hinge people. The install was a breeze! It took several hours to do the first one because of measuring and mad thinking, but it went along pretty smooth. I first started this site to have just a simple how to
on suicide doors and misc. modifications to mini trucks, but after some thought I decided to sell some of the pieces that I make for my friends and myself for our never ending pavement scrapers. I started looking through some adds to check pricing on step notches and airbag brackets just to see what they were selling for and it kind of shocked me a little bit. I thought to myself, "I can make that stuff and sell it for a lot less than they are, and keep dolla's in my fellow mini truck peoples pockets, plus show a how to install on every thing I sell". Fast food and alcohol ain't getting any cheaper! Right?!So that's the little story about I want to thank Mike Finnegan over at Mini Truckin for even talking to me, and giving me the time to show him my install. He's the whole reason that I started this site. Thanks