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Water-Oil Separators

Electric Water Trap Dump Kit

electric trap kit.jpg

Tired of crawling under your vehicle to drain water traps? We don't blame you. Now is the time to update your system. This kit comes with a new water trap, smc valve, and 20' of DOT line and fittings.

Things you will need to complete the install:
*Wire to connect from 12v switch to valve.
*Some sort of switch to operate valve.
*Fittings to connect trap to tank.


SMC Water Trap


High quality water and oil traps are not that easy to find. SMC makes one of the best traps on the market. That's why we offer them. You should always use one on your air system. It will keep your tank dry and prevent crap from getting into your valves.

Choose 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" NPT


Accuair Black Moisture Trap AA-TRAP-BLK

accuair trap.jpg


This filter guarantees a lifetime of maintenance free operation from your valves. Without this filter, debris can cause any solenoid valve to clog or leak requiring dis-assembly and cleaning. A schrader valve located at the bottom of the filter allows for the occasional draining of moisture.

Includes 2, 3/8" PTC fittings.


SMC 1/2" Water Trap Replacement Filter


This is a replacement filter for your SMC 1/2" water trap. Yes, they get too dirty to keep.


SMC 3/8" Water Trap Replacement Filter


This is a replacement filter for your SMC 3/8" water trap. Yes, they get too dirty to keep.