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Custom Wishbones

Super Pivot Adjustable Wishbone Center Piece


This piece is great for those who are building their own wishbones!

Includes 10" of 1.5" OD tube that is threaded 1-1/8 and a Super Pivot with stud & jam nut.

Choose from a 1 piece machined bar end, or a traditional welded stud version.


How to Measure for a Custom Wishbone


These are the measurements required for us to build your custom wishbone.

Please fax your design to 812-782-3515 for a price quote.


Unwelded Wishbone Kit with Poly Bushings


Here is a kit that is perfect for the home fabricator. If you want a custom wishbone upper link but you have to build it on site, this is the kit.

This kit includes the following:
3 Link Ends with Poly Bushings (3" Wide)
2 30" Pieces of 1.5" OD DOM Tube with 3/16" Wall


Custom 1 Way Adjustable Wishbone with Bushing


4 week approx build time.


Custom Non-Adjustable Wishbone with Bushing


Approx build time 4 weeks.