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4 Link Bar Bag Mounts

3 N 1 Behind & Under Axle Bracket Kit

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This 3 N 1 Behind & Under Axle Bracket allows you to keep your installation clean and free from "bracket clutter". This bracket has your 4 Link Bar Mounts, Lower Airbag Mounts, and Lower Shock Mounts all built into ONE! Can be used to set up a Parallel or Triangulated 4 Link system.

Product Information:
Sold in Pairs
Uses 2.75" wide 4 Link Bar Ends
Uses 5/8" Eyelet Shock
Upper Link Bar Tabs Included
3 Options for Lower Link Bar Placement
Available in 2.75", 3", 3.25", 3.5", 4" Axle sizes
Uses 9/16" Bolt for Bar Ends
Center of Axle to Center of Air Bag is 8"


Super Lift Center Mount Brackets


These are the same brackets that we use in our Super Lift 4 Link Kit. You get upper and lower bag mounts. Designed to mount bags directly over center of lower bar. Choose your brackets to fit 2"x2" square tube, or 1.5" OD round tube.

Note: Mounting the bags over the direct center of the lower link bar is best to prevent the link bar from being pushed sideways and pre-maturely wearing out the polyurethane bushings..


Lower 4-link Bar Bag Brackets


There are only a few simple ways to mount your lower bag to your 4-Link bar. We offer 2 different versions of bag brackets to do just that. We have one that fits on a 2x2" square bar, and one that fits on a 1.5" OD bar. We laser cut them from 1/4" HR so you know they are stout.


4-Link Upper Bar Bag Bracket


This is a wonderful item! You can NOW mount your upper 4-Link bars to the lower bag bracket and have plenty of room to work with. You can use it with a parallel, or triangulated 4-Link set up. If you look closely, you can see the extra mounting tab under the bracket. You can space it however you want. You can put it under the bag bracket or outside of the bag bracket. These brackets are made from 1/4" thick steel plate and CNC Laser cut.