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Accuair E-Level Crazy Bad Ass Air Kit #1 with Touchpad *** FREE SHIPPING ***$1,899.99Accuair SwitchSpeed Crazy Bad Ass Air Kit #2 *** FREE SHIPPING ***$1,549.99AccuAir e-Level Electronic Leveling System 4-Corner Package w/ TouchPad - AA-ELS4-TPAD$1,195.00AirLift & AccuAir Combo Kit *** FREE SHIPPING ***$999.00
AccuAir SwitchSpeed Controller AA-SS$399.00AccuAir VU4 4-Corner Valve Unit with AccuAir SwitchSpeed Controller AA-VU4 & AA-SS$874.99AccuAir e-Level Electronic Leveling System 4-Corner Package w/ Rocker Switch - AA-ELS4-RSW$895.00AccuAir VU2 2-Corner Solenoid Valve Unit AA-VU2$275.00
AccuAir VU4 4-Corner Valve Unit with 1/4" NPT Ports AA-VU4-NPT$395.00AccuAir TouchPad Interface Upgrade Kit (Black Anodize Finish) AA-TPAD-BA-UPGRD$335.00AccuAir TouchPad Interface Upgrade Kit (Electroless Nickel Finish) AA-TPAD-EN-UPGRD$335.00AccuAir Touchpad Replacement Controller for e-Level (Black Anodize Finish) AA-TPAD-BA$300.00
AccuAir Touchpad Replacement Controller for e-Level (Electroless Nickel Finish) AA-TPAD-EN$300.00AccuAir 20 Foot USB Harness for SwitchSpeed Controller AA-H20-TPAD$40.00Accuair 1 Foot Harness (Connects VU4 to ECU) AA-H1-ECVU4$37.00Accuair 4-Corner Solenoid Valve Harness (1 FT PIGTAIL) AA-H1-ECV4-P$16.00
Accuair 90 Amp Compressor Relay (Replacement for 70 AMP Power Supply Kit). AA-RELAY90$35.00AccuAir Arm for Ride Height Sensor AA-ROT-120-ARM $15.00AccuAir Compressor Power Supply Kit AA-WIREKIT-70A$150.00AccuAir Digital Pressure Sensor 0-200 PSI $50.00
AccuAir e-Level Wireless FOBS AA-RF-FOB$225.00Accuair ECU Replacement $125.00Accuair Endo VT Silver 5 Gallon$749.00AccuAir Exhaust Mufflers for VU4 Valve Manifold AA-38-MUFF-2$35.00
AccuAir iLevel WiFi Receiver AA-ILEVEL$350.00AccuAir Linkage Rod for e-Level Ride Height Sensor AA-ROT-120-LINKAGE$25.00AccuAir Ride Height Sensor Replacement Arm and Linkage for e-Level AA-ROT-120-ARM & AA-ROT-120-LINKAGE$40.00AccuAir Ride Height Sensor with Linkage and Hardware (each) AA-ROT-120$125.00
AccuAir Ride Height Sensors w/ Linkage & Hardware (4 Pack) AA-ROT-120-4PK$425.00AccuAir Ride Height Sensors w/o Linkage & Hardware (each) AA-SENSROT-120$99.00Accuair SwitchSpeed Replacement Controller (Black Annodized Finish) AA-TPAD-SS-BA$225.00Accuair SwitchSpeed Replacement Controller (Electroless Nickel Finish) AA-TPAD-SS-EN$225.00
Billet Aluminum Sensor Arms for Accuair E-level (4 Pack)$15.00