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Air Ride Technologies S10 Air Bar


Dragging the ground may be cool for some, but what about the customer who does NOT want to cut on their truck to make that happen? Or the customer who wants to retain full use of the bed? Or the customer who simply does not want their truck that darn low! This is the air suspension system for the S10 owner who DOES NOT want to cut up his truck.

It will provide up to 8" of drop WITHOUT cutting the frame-rail OR the bedfloor. This system requires NO welding or fabrication to install. In most applications, not even the EVAP canisters need to be moved.


* Bolt-on, NO welding necessary!
* Revised wishbone style 3 link rear suspension
* 8" Drop!
* NO gas tank modifications necessary
* NO C notch required
* NO intrusion into the bed
* EASY installation
* Inboard airspring location for more tire clearance
* Firestone tapered sleeve airspring for more travel and better ride quality
* Link bars have rubber bushings for better noise and vibration isolation
* All components powdercoated for long lasting protection and beauty