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Air Ride Technologies Dually Air Bar Kit 99-04 Ford F-350


"I'd like to lower my dually, but I tow a trailer..."

So do we... a 40ft triple axle gooseneck with all of our show displays inside. Nearly all of the semis that you see going down the roads today use air suspension. There is no reason that a 1 ton dually can not be lowered dramatically and still carry its intended load capacity. But you do have to use the right parts. It doesn't drag the ground and we don't have to creep up on speed bumps.

AirBarHD is designed to lower your 1 ton truck dramatically (as much as 14") while improving the ride quality and maintaining the oem load capacities and a safe ground clearance. It is the perfect answer to the various loads and terrains that a tow vehicle will encounter. Now you can get that "In the Weeds" stance and forget about bottoming out or living with a harsh ride when you're loaded!