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Air Ride Tech Shockwave 8000


You wouldn't use a front coilspring on the rear of your vehicle... too much spring rate, not enough travel... and we don't expect you to use a front ShockWave for that application either!

What's the difference between the ShockWave 8000 and the ShockWave 7000?
It's simple...diameter and load capacity. The smaller 7000 series is 4" in diameter and has a load capacity of 780 lbs.@ 100 psi. It is recommended for vehicles weighing 1500 lbs. or less on the rear axle, or as a supplement to a leafspring suspension. The 5" diameter 9000 series has a load capacity of 1200 lbs. @ 100 psi. It is recommended for heavier vehicles weighing 1500-2400 lbs. on the rear axle.

What length ShockWave should I use?
In general, the longer the better. A longer ShockWave will give you more suspension travel. More suspension travel will allow a better ride quality because the vehicle has more distance to absorb road irregularities. The heavier the vehicle, the more important this becomes.