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Bulk Pricing 4-Link Weld on Bar Ends (With Zerk)

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Choose your total bushing width. We offer many widths starting at 1.5" up to 4.5" and all sizes in between. If you need a custom size just give us a call.

Total Bushing Width is the total width, with the bushings installed. The steel outside shell is 1/2" narrower than the total width.

Choose your through bolt size. We offer 1/2", 9/16", and 5/8".

All Bar Ends are TIG ready. What is TIG Ready? TIG Ready is where we polish the bushing end to remove the mill scale. Definitely a must for TIG Welding.

What is a Zerk? A zerk fitting is where you attach the grease gun to easily lube your bushings without taking them apart. The reason we make this an option is because there are many uses for this item. ie.. engine mounts, body bushing etc. and a zerk may not be needed. It is a must though if your using them for a pivoting link.

Important Info: All Bar Ends that are 3.5", 3.75", 4", 4.25", and 4.5" cost $1.00 each more per Bar End.
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