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Thorbecke Brothers S-10 5-Link Back Half with Poly Bushings


You guys asked for it and here it is: a 100% bolt-on 5-link kit for the S-series trucks! This version of our popular 5-link kit features all newly engineeed components to get you layed out as quick as possible on tires up to 30" in diameter. The kit comes with new frame rails for your truck with all mounting points predetermined, reducing the number of holes needed to drill in your stock frame. Whats this mean for you? Crazy easy install in a very short time and a super stout frame that's 50% thicker than stock!




*New Gas Tank X-member: Replaces your old one. It is raised up so that you have plenty of driveshaft clearance. Also serves as your upper link mounting x-member. Mounting bolts are included.

*Wishbone: Made from 1.5" DOM 3/16" wall seamless tubing. Very burly! The end links are 1/4" thick and enclose Urethane bushings. TIG welded for superior strength.

*Differential Brackets: We decided to step above the rest of the bolt-on differential brackets. This bracket uses all 10 of the existing mounting bolts instead of just the top 5. Using all 10 bolts doubles the strength of the wishbone mounting location. To space this bracket out away from the cover lip, we use a ring that presses tightly against the pan to prevent any possible fluid leaks. Laser cut from 1/4" HR plate, and press formed. Mounting bolts are included.

*Adjustable Lower Bars: Made from 1.5" DOM 1/4" wall seamless tubing. We CNC cut and thread these bars to get a very precise thread fit. Our thread size is a whopping 1-1/8" in size. The end links are 1/4" thick and enclose Urethane bushings. TIG welded for superior strength.

*Axle Brackets: Laser cut from 1/4" thick HR plate. These bolt to the bottom of the axle and hold the lower link bars in place while also providing an attachment point for the lift bars.

*Upper Shock Bar: The Upper Shock Bar mounts behind the 2 step notches but low enough to stay under your bed floor.

*Gas Charged GR2 Shocks.

*Rear Lift Systems: This is where the magic of lift happens. The 2 lift bars are made from 1.75" square tube with a 3/16" wall thickness. The lower bag mount is built into the Lift Bars while the upper bag mount is built into the new frame rails. This lift kit allows you to lay frame on 24's, and gets you right around 12-13" of lift. Since the bags are mounted on the lift bars, the ride quality is much softer and not as bouncy like a bag over axle set up.

*Hardware: You get all the necessary grade 8 bolts to install your kit. All the pivot links come with Urethane bushings.

*Chassis Grounds: Ground points for taillights are recreated at rear of frame for easy hookup. Special self-threading bolts provide a secure ground connection at the front of the new rails.

*Instructions: 20 page installation booklet provided.

*Kit ships in raw form. Powdercoating available for $400. 5 gal tank pictured is $120 extra, comes prewelded to the crossmember and engineered not to drag.

*Fits 82-03 S-series pickups, extended cab and standard cab short bed. Does not fit longbed!