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Super Lift Triangulated 4-Link Kit


In this kit you get a square tubing 4-Link that has 2x2" bottom bars that have a 1/4" wall thickness. The upper bars are made from 1.5" DOM tube with a 1/4" wall thickness, and are fully adjustable. The round ends of the bars are made from high quality mandrel formed DOM tubing and come with urethane bushings. The upper bar ends are 2" in diameter and have a 1/4" wall thickness. The lower bar ends are 2" in diameter with a 1/4" wall. The axle brackets included in the kit are 1/4" thick and CNC laser cut. 9/16" Grade 8 zinc plated bolts, nylon lock nuts, and washers are included.
The cantilever brackets are made from 1/4" steel plate and are also CNC laser cut. These brackets weld to the side of your frame. The half circles, and flat circle plates weld to the side of the lower 4-Link bars. Trimming and fitting of the upper plates and gussets is required. It is a complete weld on application.

You can order this over the internet, but you will need to call in to let us know what sizes you want your bars to be. Please call 855-618-6090 to give us your specs.


NOTE: S-10 owners will need to relocate their gastank or install a fuel cell.