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Parallel 4-Link Kit

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This Fully Adjustable Parallel 4-Link kit is crazy! It is HUGE! It is FAT! The bars are super thick and built like a brick poop house. The frame mounting brackets are laser cut from 5/16" thick steel plate. The bars are made from high quality seamless DOM tubing and have a 7/32" wall thickness. The threads inside the bars are CNC cut on a lathe. The threaded studs on the bar ends are also CNC cut on a lathe. All the "BIG FAT" welds on the bars are TIG welded for superior strength. We use Urethane bushings and not Heim joints! There are no imperfections here. The thread size we use is 1-1/8" in diameter. Just our thread size is larger than some company's 4-Link bars! We take our 4-Link kits very seriously. We build them so they will last forever. If you let us build you a 4-Link, I promise you will be thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship.

You can order this over the internet, but you will need to call in to let us know what sizes you want your bars to be. Please call 855-618-6090 to give us your specs.

******For welded option you must provide the bar length.
******For unwelded option, you will receive 36" long bars with the non adjustable end unwelded.