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Heavy Duty Universal Triangulated 4-Link Kit 1.5" OD


High Quality, Heavy Duty Universal Triangulated 4-Link Kit with 30" long 4-link tubes to allow you to cut them down to your preferred length. Polyurethane bushings and zerk fittings keep things properly lubed and squeak free. Threaded studs and the slip in studs are TIG welded for maximum strength. All mounting tabs are CNC laser cut from 1/4" plate. Zinc plated, Grade 8 mounting hardware included.

Tube Spec:
1.5" OD x 7/32" Wall Thickness

Thread Size:
1-1/8" - 12

Bushing Widths (total with poly installed):
Lower bars: Non Adjustable End 3". Adjustable End 2.75"
Upper bars: Both ends are 2.5"


Tubing Spec: 1.5" DOM Tube with 3/16" wall thickness.
Threaded Stud Spec: CNC Threaded 1" Beefy Studs